Development Services

Automated Customer Email on Shipment

Generates an email when an order is transferred to an invoice.  The email is sent to the customer email address on file with a breakdown of what specific items were sent and if any remain on back-order.

Automated Line Item Export

Generates an excel file based on specific sales item lines.  Exports the excel file to an FTP site for a 3rd party warehouse.  Created a simple UI for viewing log files.  Automated to occur 4 times a day without user interaction.

Backorder Release

Introduced a back-order release process into Sales Order Processing.

This allows a user to select from a group of items based on specific criteria that are currently on open sales orders and have at least some quantity on back-order.  The user then selects the open sales orders that contain the selected items.  These documents are then mass updated to remove the back-order quantity.  They are then sent to a warehouse for fulfillment.

Pick Ticket Label Printing

Creates a label report to print pick ticket labels from a laser printer.

Exclude Items from Freight Calculation

Updated our Freight Matrix product as part of a paid development effort for a customer.  They required some items to not factor in the calculation of freight.  We added an item exclusion window to accomplish this.

Mass Print By Ship Date

Modified the Sales Document Mass Printing option to allow users to print by requested ship date.

CAD Software Integration

Integrates with an Access database that produces data associated with CAD software items for a landscape company. Data is imported into a custom quote window.  The user maps the CAD items to GP items and a standard GP quote is generated using eConnect.

Modified GP Inventory Stock Status Report

Modified the standard GP Inventory Stock Status Report to include previous and current sales totals per item.

Substitution of Items With Quantity Shortage

Adds an additional option to quantity shortages that allows substitute items to be used if a quantity shortage occurs.

Social Security Benefit Management

Adds functionality that allows additional benefit amounts after Social Security wage limits have passed.

Automated Transfer and Post By Batch

Created a window that holds batches that will be processed at a certain time every night.  The window Integrates with SOP Auto Invoice to process orders one by one at a time selected by a user.

CCH Sales and Use Tax Product Integration

Integrate with CCH so that sales document taxes are recalculated correctly after order fulfillment.

Creation of Customer / Vendor Quotes

Created windows for maintaining Customer or Vendor Prices.

Logistics Management

Created a system of tracking freight from a Customer to a Vendor based on the Terms of Sale of the order.  A log file is created for an accurate representation of all events that have occurred, from the initial creation of an order to the delivery of the order.

Allow the Assignment of GL Accounts to Sales Transactions Using Customer Class and Item Class

Modified standard GP functionality by allowing GL Accounts to be assigned using Customer Class and Item Class.  GP only accounts for either Customer Class or Item Class, but not both.

Custom Order Forms, Invoices, and Packing Slips

Modified the standard GP Blank Invoice Form, Blank Order Form, and Blank Packing Slip Form to display custom fields on a document personalized with the client’s logo.

Item Restrictions

Created a window used in determining whether an item is able to be sold in a particular country or in a particular market segment.

During order entry, if the item is restricted and is not due to end within a predetermined number of days (entered in a setup window) then the quantity ordered for that item will be cancelled.  Otherwise, if the item is restricted and is due to end within a predetermined number of days the quantity ordered will be cancelled.

Full Case Line Items

Requires items to be sold in quantities relative to the Unit of Measure set up in a new Item Requirement Setup window.  If an item is setup to be sold in quantities of 20 and the customer is setup to only order in full cases, then the quantity ordered on the order must be in multiples of 20.

Item Attributes

A new window is created to hold additional information that is item specific.  This window contains user defined prompts that are setup in a separate setup window.

Creation of Bill of Ladings

Creates a Bill of Lading document from an order.  If the order is ever re-printed a new version number is added to the Bill of Lading to keep the document up to date.

Deferred Revenue Modification

Added functionality to the standard GP Deferred Revenue module by linking deferral profiles to General Ledger accounts, automatically assign those profiles to the Sales Distribution Entry window in Sales Transaction Entry during the posting routine, and added a user-driven routine to reclassify short-term deferral amounts into a related General Ledger Account.

Void or Reverse Finished Good Transactions

Adds the ability to back-out of a posted Manufacturing Finished Good Receipt Transaction.

Auto-incrementing UPC codes

Adds functionality to allow automatic UPC code generation for new items.

Customer Restricted Items

Provided a new window off of Item Maintenance that will restrict the item to certain customers.  If an item is entered on the Sales Order and the customer on the order is not in the list of customer restrictions, then a warning will inform the user that this item is not included in the restriction and they will be forced to change the item.

Process Holds Window Restriction

Adds a restriction to SOP Process Holds that allows only one user to use the window at a time.

UPC Inquiry

Created a window that allows a user to enter an item or a UPC code and return the corresponding value.  For instance, if an item is entered a UPC code is returned (if one exists).  If the user enters a UPC code then the item is returned (if an item exists for this UPC code).

Update Invoice Date

When a SOP Type is changed from a Fulfillment Order to an Invoice, the Invoice Date is populated with the User Date.

Select Orders in Bulk Confirmation for the Printing of Packing Slips

Allows the selection of Orders within the Bulk Confirmation window so that only the Packing Slip for those selected documents will be printed.  The standard GP functionality does not allow the user to select individual orders to be printed in the Bulk Confirmation window.

Copy Customer Data

Added a new window to allow data to be copied from one customer to another.  The user enters a customer number and the customization will append a number to the end of the customer’s name.  This allows the user to create one customer for each of the customer addresses.

Price Sheet Roll Down

Provides the ability to roll down price sheet assignments to open orders.

Extended Data Import

Added a new window which allows a user to import or export data to or from Excel into GP.

Auto Post Cash Receipts

Cash Receipts associated with specific batch numbers are automatically posted at a specified time each day.