Electronic Payment Processing

Electronic Payment Processing for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central adds credit card processing to Sales Orders.

Key Features:

  • Seamless integration with Dynamics 365 BC Sales Orders
  • Support for Pre-authorization, sales/capture, adjust, returns, and voids
  • Address, ZIP, and CVV2 verification
  • Ability to store multiple credit cards per customer, default cards by customer or customer location
  • Allows multiple credit cards per sales document
  • Support for one-time use and reloadable gift cards
  • Fully tokenized transactions
  • Straightforward method for integration with external systems for pre-authorization and capture of funds
  • Level 3 support
  • Complete, detailed activity logging
  • Enhanced Settlement Window
  • Settlement drill down to Credit Card Transaction Inquiry
  • Option to automatically pre-authorize remaining on-order amount after transfer
  • User Initiated Batch Close