Account Reconciler

Simplify Your Bank Reconciliation Process Within Microsoft Dynamics GP

Bank Reconciliation Tools, recently acquired from Encore Business Solutions, includes either Account Reconciler or Auto Reconciler. They dramatically simplify the reconciliation process by allowing users to balance General Ledger accounts and checkbooks easily inside Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Account Reconciler lets you:

  • Reconcile bank statements—including multicurrency transactions—using the transactions that are posted to the checkbook’s general ledger account
  • Combine your Transactions shown with the combine entry feature that allows you to combine by deposits slips or by Audit Trail code (Batch ID)

You can also generate General Ledger Transactions for items on your Bank Statement that do not currently exist in GP for such items as banking fees, NSF fees, etc.  These can be pre setup using the Offset Type Maintenance to properly define the Offset account to be used for each transaction row being created which once posted will automatically clear the checkbook.

All this is added to your Microsoft Dynamics GP system!