Project Tracking

Oversee multiple projects in Dynamics GP with Blue Moon’s Project Tracking Add-On

Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics, formerly from Encore Business Solutions, is the right solution for those that want to go beyond the project accounting functionality in Dynamics GP.

This flexible and easy to use product will allow you to improve and Control data integrity with powerful analysis.

Project Tracking lets you:

  • Manage multiple Projects easily that extend beyond the fiscal year end
  • Add optional security to restrict access at the project level
  • Close and archive projects to retain core data
  • Simplify your project distributions with variety of defaulting behavior for your project breakdowns
  • Customize your own reporting analysis with ease using the Advanced Analytics feature which offers excel type functionality in a single User Interface window

Extend your Projects with Budgeting

With the level of detail allowed by Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics, some organizations decide to take project management one step further and create project budgets to the same level of detail. Project Tracking Budgeting allows you to easily create or revise project-level budgets improving performance monitoring and project control.

Import With Ease

Whether you need to perform a one-time project data load or an ongoing integration from an external application, reduce the effort required to import data into Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics by using Project Tracking Importer.

Project Tracking importer can assist users with:

  • Importing and maintaining of new and existing project cards
  • Import starting balances to your projects without affecting your GL
  • Import new General Ledgers with distributing to projects
  • Import Project Distributions to unposted or Posted AP transactions that exist in GP

All this is added to your Microsoft Dynamics GP system!