SOP Auto Invoice

SOP Auto Invoice adds automatic sales transfer, invoice printing and posting to your Microsoft Dynamics GP system.

This product meets the automation needs of any business that utilizes Sales Order Processing.

SOP Auto Invoice lets you:

  • Automatically transfer orders to invoices by SOP Type ID
  • Automatically create backorders
  • Automatically print and post invoices

SOP Auto Invoice adds the ability to print invoices using standard GP report writer, the new Word templates, or Forms Printer from Accountable Software. In conjunction with the email option, you can set SOP Auto Invoice to print, email, or print and email invoices.

SOP Auto Invoice now uses a batch-based method for transferring and posting sales documents. The result is increased efficiency and faster processing times. Additionally, robust transfer management options have been added, allowing you to control the frequency of batch processing by document quantities or time periods. You can also set up multiple transfer processor workstations to manage peak processing times more effectively.

All this is added to your Microsoft Dynamics GP system!

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