Operations Suite

Operations Core

Blue Moon’s Operations Core is the heart of the total distribution solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP. With scalable warehouse options from pack and ship to full WMS and/or 3PL integration, expanded EDI capabilities, and enhanced backoffice business rules, Operations Core is the key to streamlining your distribution operations.

Advanced BOM

Advanced BOM is the complete BOM/Assembly solution your customers have been waiting for!

Advanced SmartList (formerly from Encore Business Solutions)

Advanced SmartList adds power to the existing SmartList application in Dynamics GP by giving users of all levels the ability to create advanced customized inquiries which result in easier, faster access to the information stored in Dynamics GP.

Advanced User-Defined Fields

Advanced User-Defined Fields provides a versatile array of user-configurable fields to extend master records and document headers and lines. A different collection of fields may be defined for each area

ChargeBack Processing

ChargeBack Processing adds deductions management capabilities to your Dynamics GP system. This product meets the chargeback acceptance and processing needs of businesses that sell and distribute their products to the major retailers (e.g. Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Target), the automotive industry, and other trading partners.

Container Management

Container Management adds functionality for importers, including manifest entry and vessel tracking. This product meets the needs of businesses that track the purchase and receipt of imported inventory items.

Customer Consignments

Customer Consignments’ setup options allow you to control consignment orders by customer or by consignment stock locations or both!

Disassembly BOM

Disassembly BOM adds functionality for disassembling finished goods and returning components back to stock, with options for components and quantities. This product meets the needs of businesses that return previously assembled components to stock.

Freight Matrix

Freight Matrix adds freight charge schedule management capabilities to your Microsoft Dynamics GP system. This product meets the needs of any business that charges freight based on order totals or shipping weight, for specific shipping zones and methods.

Pack and Ship

Pack and Ship provides improved workflow management for your packing stations and shipping via UPS, FedEx and USPS, fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP.


QualityCount adds the most robust physical inventory functionality available for Microsoft Dynamics GP, providing a detailed, controlled methodology with full tag control. This product meets the needs of businesses that demand high quality material control and auditing.

Serial Number Edit

Serial Number Edit adds advanced serial number entry/edit capabilities to your Microsoft Dynamics GP system. This product meets the serial number entry and editing needs of a wide variety of businesses.

SOP Auto Invoice

SOP Auto Invoice adds automatic sales transfer, invoice printing and posting to your Microsoft Dynamics GP system. This product meets the automation needs of any business that utilizes Sales Order Processing.