Paycode Mass Update

Update Multiple Paycodes in Dynamics GP with Paycode Mass Update

Paycode Mass Update, formerly from Encore Business Solutions, is the right solution to smoothly update your employee paycodes, deduction rates, and vacation pay percentages on a mass scale instead of editing these values for each employee individually.  It vastly will improve time spent in processing these updates.

Paycode Mass Update lets you:

  • Make mass updates of paycode rates and their associated dependent paycodes per employee
  • Link your paycodes through a parent child relationship with a factor relationship to make it easier to update all paycodes accordingly
  • Easily keep track of your updates by having the system write to history tables for the changes made
  • Make mass updates of vacation pay percentages per employee
  • Perform mass updates to employee’s deduction codes

The user interface window gives you the ability to filter your range for updates by employees, position, employee class, department, Taxable Province, and Deduction Code.  The user has the flexibility to enter only the amounts that they wish to change and replace the rest with either a standard amount or the current rate.

All this is added to your Microsoft Dynamics GP system!