Electronic Payment Processing

for Microsoft Dynamics 365® Business Central

Electronic Payment Processing for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central adds credit card processing to Sales Orders. Works with many payment processors and gateways, with additional ones being added as needed based on merchant’s choice.

Key Features:

  • Seamless integration with Dynamics 365 BC Sales Orders
  • Support for Pre-authorization, sales/capture, adjust, returns, and voids
  • Address, ZIP, and CVV2 verification
  • Ability to store multiple credit cards per customer, default cards by customer or customer location
  • Allows multiple credit cards per sales document
  • Support for one-time use and reloadable gift cards
  • Fully tokenized transactions
  • Straightforward method for integration with external systems for pre-authorization and capture of funds
  • Level 3 support
  • Complete, detailed activity logging
  • Enhanced Settlement Window
  • Fully compliant surcharges
  • Settlement drill down to Credit Card Transaction Inquiry
  • Option to automatically pre-authorize remaining on-order amount after transfer
  • User Initiated Batch Close
  • Available for cloud and on-premises installations
Video Demo - EPP for BC
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