Accounting Suite

Advanced GL Close

Advanced GL Close adds the capability to select additional GL segments in your Microsoft Dynamics GP system. This product provides additional flexibility to any organization that utilizes multiple retained earnings or fund balance accounts.

Account Reconciler (formerly from Encore Business Solutions)

Account Reconciler allows users to reconcile their bank statements—including multicurrency transactions—using the transactions that are posted to the checkbook’s general ledger account.

Auto Reconciler (formerly from Encore Business Solutions)

Import transactions from an external file source to automatically match bank transactions with Microsoft Dynamics GP checkbook transactions.

California DE 542

California DE 542 adds compliance for the California Independent Contractor Reporting Law to your Microsoft Dynamics GP system. This product meets the reporting needs of businesses that utilize independent contractors in the State of California.

Enhanced Voucher Selection

Enhanced Voucher Selection adds an easier method of voucher selection to your Microsoft Dynamics GP system. This product meets the voucher selection needs of any business that utilizes Payables Management.

ePayStub (formerly from Encore Business Solutions)

ePayStub gives the added capability to email your Canadian employees pay documents, paystubs, T4’s, T4A’s, or R1 reports.

Paycode Mass Update (formerly from Encore Business Solutions)

Paycode Mass Update gives the added capability to perform Mass Updates to your employee paycodes, Deductions Rates, and Vacation pay percentages.

Project Tracking (formerly from Encore Business Solutions)

Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics is an easy–to-setup project tracking solution that connects financial transactions with project revenue and expenses. The seamless integration with Dynamics GP leverages existing setup and workflow, saving you time and maximizing efficiency. This flexible solution is customizable to most any business.

Subscription Billing (formerly from Encore Business Solutions)

Subscription Billing is the easy to use solution to generate accurate timely invoices for your customers on a recurring basis with a highly flexible scheduling.

Tax Distribution (formerly from Encore Business Solutions)

Tax Distribution allows organizations to easily allocate the refundable portion of their taxes according to provincial and federal government rules and regulations.