Advanced SmartList

Add power to Microsoft Dynamics GP SmartList with Advanced SmartList, a cost-effective query tool

Advanced SmartList, formerly from Encore Business Solutions, is the right solution for those who need to manipulate their GP SmartList data for quick analysis.

Functionality includes:

  • Gives the user the ability to sort, filter, and group on multiple columns
  • Within the grid row each column has pop-up menu options including Sum, Min, Max, Count, Average, or None
  • Quick and easy export of your data to a variety of formats including PDF, Text, HTML, CSV, Tab Delimited, MHT, Rich Text, Graphic, and XML
  • Save your formatted layouts with ease as favorites in GP SmartList for reuse on future reviews of your data
  • Generate reports on various platforms including PDF and HTML

This flexible and easy to use product is suitable for any GP user. It will help you analyze financial data and improve business intelligence. Endorsed as one of the most useful Dynamics GP add-ons for speed and ease of use, Advanced SmartList also offers flexible data manipulation and navigation capabilities. This product is compatible with use of existing GP SmartList objects and customized SmartList objects built using SmartList Designer and SmartList Builder.

All this is added to your Microsoft Dynamics GP system!