Email paystubs, T4s, T4As, and R1s through Dynamics GP with ePayStub for Canadian Payroll

ePayStub, formerly from Encore Business Solutions, is the perfect tool to securely send sensitive Payroll documents to all your employees.

ePayStub lets you:

  • Quickly process and email your payroll documents in a batch to all your employees
  • Gives you the ability to retain individual employee soft copies
  • Retain control over the transit of sensitive pay documents to your employees. With employee permission, paystub, T4s, T4As, R1s can be sent directly to their email as secure PDF documents

With ePayStub’s simple installation you can choose to use your existing Paystub Report Writer report for the paystubs or transition to use an SSRS report.  ePayStub comes with three paystub SSRS templates that can be used or modified to use.  It will also include a customized T4 and T4A report writer report as well a T4 SSRS template to use. No longer would you need to print these reports on pre-printed forms.

If using the SSRS functionality in ePayStub you can reprint/email your Payroll batches at any time.

All this is added to your Microsoft Dynamics GP system